Anti-static tweezers

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Anti-static tweezers are designed to meet the requirements of the electronics and precision engineering industries. Includes two common types of anti-static tweezers: anti-static plastic tweezers and ESD steel tweezers. ESD-10 cleanroom tweezers have anti-magnetic and anti-acid features. The tweezers are made of non-corrosive stainless steel, have sharp and hard tips.

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Anti-static tweezers

Product characteristics of clean room anti-static tweezers
- Anti-electrical component tweezers are made stainless materials, anti-acid magnetic, resistant to high temperatures and flexible with acids and alkalis and uses.

- Thanks to those characteristics, component tweezers are used for sensitive components of the production process. Used to pick up small components, precision electronic components, and semiconductors safely and accurately and can be used for a long time.

- The tweezers have good elasticity, light use and electrostatic discharge properties, suitable for machining and installing parts sensitive to static electricity. Surface resistance: 1000KΩ — 100000MΩ.

- The surface of the pick head is delicately designed and has a long-lasting contact surface, so it can adapt to products very well.

Effects of electrostatic tweezers in clean rooms
Tweezers are used to pick up and clamp electronic components small to microscopic in the electronics industry.

Electronic component tweezers support operations that require high precision, ensuring contact of electronic components, especially for sensitive materials such as circuit boards and components.

Clean room tweezers have the effect of picking up and clamping electronic components in an anti-static clean room environment, ensuring clean room anti-static safety.

Application of antistatic tweezers in clean rooms
  Anti-static tweezers are a tool used in clean rooms, microelectronics, electronics, semiconductors, watches, computers, laboratories and hospitals. With many different types and materials produced and supplied to the market to meet the diverse needs of customers as well as the characteristics of each industry.
Where to buy quality, reputable clean room anti-static tweezers?
VG Tech is an importer and distributor of genuine anti-static tweezers with the best quality.

With this article, we hope that customers will grasp the basic, necessary and relatively complete information about cleanroom anti-static tweezers products.

In the Vietnamese market today, there are many units providing similar products. However, the origin and quality of products are not guaranteed, creating market chaos and causing confusion for customers. Meanwhile, the characteristics of clean rooms in companies manufacturing and processing electronic components require very high quality, ensuring almost absolute accuracy.

Therefore, VG Tech always ensures to provide genuine anti-static tweezers with clear origin and high quality.

Besides, we also provide many clean room consumables such as: anti-static gloves, clean room hats, clean room shoes...

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