Anti-static wrist strap

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Anti-static wrist strap is a kind of device to prevent electrical discharge the human body to the manipulated item. It acts as a "grounding" device that helps discharge electrical charges in the human body, thereby balancing ions between objects to eliminate static electricity. Anti-static straps also have other names such as: Anti-static bracelets, ESD wrist straps.

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Anti-static wrist strap

Operating principle of anti-static wrist strap
+ When there is a difference in charge (ions) between the human body and electronic devices, an electrical discharge will occur. This causes direct damage to sensitive parts such as CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. In order to eliminate this phenomenon, people will cool the human body by wearing this strap on their hands before operating. onto the product.

+ The anti-static strap can neutralize about 80% - 90% of the amount of static electricity in the body, helping to maintain the level of static electricity in the body at a level low enough not to cause damage to electronic components.

Characteristics of anti-static wrist straps
Anti-static wrist strap includes 3 main components:

- Bandage: This part will hug the wrist, is woven good conductive fabric, elastic and hugs the user's hand (but does not squeeze too hard) without causing discomfort during use.

- The twisted wire can be flexible in length, retractable and obstructs 1 million Ω current for high voltage current to flow through to avoid shock when working with low voltage parts.

- Metal clip: clamped to the part directly touching the ground to balance ions, releasing electrical charge the human body. If this part is not grounded (either directly or indirectly through another object), the anti-static wrist strap has no effect.

Anti-static wristbands are widely used in factories manufacturing or processing computer components, cell phones, cameras, electronic devices... It helps protect important microchips. such as CPU, RAM, component parts and protecting workers the dangers of static electricity.

Popular types of anti-static wrist straps
In the Vietnamese market, factories in industrial parks often use 2 types:

- Anti-static bracelet with wire

+ Anti-static bracelet with PVC wire

+ Anti-static bracelet with PU cord

- Wireless anti-static bracelet

The basic difference between these two types is the material that makes up the product: PVC plastic and PU plastic.

+ PVC type: Poor durability, wire easily frays, low price.

+ PU type: High durability, good elasticity (less sagging after long-term use), higher price.

Among them, PVC is more commonly used.

VGTech provides high quality anti-static wristbands. Customers can refer to other clean room consumables such as: anti-static ankle strap, anti-static tweezers, electrostatic chair...

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