Clean room mask

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Clean room masks are masks designed and manufactured according to clean room standards to protect the skin and nose dust and bacteria harmful to the human respiratory tract.

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Clean room mask

Currently, on the market there are many facilities producing clean room medical masks, but in general there will be the following popular types: cloth masks, 3-layer masks, antibacterial masks, anti-bacterial masks. electrostatic.

Characteristics of clean room masks
- Firm straps on both sides can stretch to create a comfortable feeling behind the ears.

- Comfortable surface, does not cause difficulty breathing.

- The mask uses good filter fibers, filtering efficiency up to 90% for dust as small as 0.1 micro.

- The mask is environmentally safe, has a soft plastic bar to help fit tightly to the wearer's face.

- Factory producing electronic components, medicine and food.

- 3-layer masks are used in industrial clean rooms.

- Use when traveling on the road, in clean room environments, laboratories, healthcare, hospitals...

Instructions for using clean room masks
- Open the mask, bend the nose bar to create a tight seal.

- Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.

- Pull the elastic band around your ears.

Note when using masks
- You must choose a mask that suits your face and workplace regulations.

- If not in use, do not remove it the bag

- Do not reuse masks.

VGTech provides high quality clean room masks. Customers can refer to other clean room consumables such as: clean room hats, clean room clothes, clean room shoes...

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