Antistatic gloves

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Antistatic gloves, also known as ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) gloves, are a special type of glove designed to protect against static electricity in work environments sensitive to electronics, components and equipment. electronic device.

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Antistatic gloves

Physical characteristics of anti-static gloves:
The antistatic principle of conductive fibers is to create corona discharge between conductive fibers. Corona discharge is a very gentle form of discharge. When the static voltage reaches a certain value, it will produce a sparkless corona discharge to eliminate static electricity. This phenomenon is often considered to be conductive fibers in fabrics, under the effect of an electrostatic field.

The surrounding air will ionize to form negative and positive ions, one of the negative and positive ions is opposite to the fabric's charge and neutralizes the other species. Species neutralize the environment or earth, thereby eliminating static electricity. The significant difference between corona discharge and electrostatic leakage is that the former can well eliminate static electricity on fabrics without the need for grounding. Finally while the latter needs to be grounded or when air is large to eliminate static electricity.

Some popular types of anti-static gloves:
- Carbon fiber ESD gloves: This is the most popular type of ESD gloves, made charge-conducting carbon fiber, which effectively eliminates static electricity and controls static electricity.

- ESD gloves made of copper wire: have good electrical conductivity and help discharge static electricity effectively.

- ESD gloves made of polyurethane fiber: have a polyurethane coating containing conductive particles, helping to discharge static electricity and control static electricity.

- ESD gloves made of conductive fabric: usually polyester or carbon fiber combination. They have the ability to control static electricity and protect electronic components.

- Latex ESD gloves contain conductive substances, which help eliminate static electricity and protect electronic components.

- Although it does not directly contribute to the production process or product creation, this is a tool to help workers avoid the above dangerous effects. In terms of aesthetics, it is to avoid burns and fires during welding, screwing, assembling electronic components... In terms of long-term effects, it is to avoid electromagnetic fields (the cause of many dangerous diseases).

- Anti-static PU fingertip gloves make holding easier thanks to increased grip on the palm, do not cause abrasion on the product, and are resistant to water and grease.

- Anti-scratch, when worn, it will hug the whole hand to help the wearer feel comfortable and easy to manipulate, does not cause skin allergies, and is cool.

- Neat design, high aesthetics, using anti-static fabric, delicate and precise seams, the price of anti-static gloves is not too high, suitable for everyone.

VGTech provides high quality anti-static gloves. Besides, customers can refer to other clean room consumables such as: clean room electrostatic chair, anti-static wrist strap, anti-static tweezers...

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